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If you want to improve your hockey workouts, this is the right program for you to download. We cover strength, power, plyometrics, off-ice stickhandling, off-ice shooting, positional skills, nutrition, mental game, goal scoring, and more!

With these hockey workouts you will receive a video demonstration of each exercise and we also provide a document that you can print out and bring with you to the training center.

These hockey workouts are designed to help you improve. They are hockey specific and ensure that you are doing the right things to improve your game every day.

Once you experience what it is like to train with an extreme focus on the COMPLETE skill set that hockey players need, you will never go back. You will experience what it is like to leave the gym or training center each day feeling like you made huge improvements.

This is so much more than just workouts! Our workouts are very intense, but those are just the start. To be an elite player you need to be training smarter than other players every day. This is the only way to develop at a faster rate and pass other players.

Our hockey workouts are second to none, but those are just the start. The 7-Day Challenge includes:

Hockey Specific Strength Training
Hockey Specific Speed Training
Intense Stickhandling Technique Training
Positional Stickhandling Training that Translates to On-Ice Game Situations
Intense Shooting Technique Training
Positional Shooting Training that Translates to On-Ice Game Situations
Skating Power and Stride Technique
Explosiveness for Hockey
Mental Game and Confidence Building
Position Assignments and Hockey Awareness
Nutrition Assignments
Quickness and Agility for Hockey

The bottom line is that you need to have a complete hockey development plan!

I see way too many hockey players that go to the gym, do their workout, and then leave.

That is the same type of hockey training that all the other players are doing! If you want to stand out as an elite hockey player you have to have an elite hockey workout. That means a workout that only the top 1% are doing and it is a lot more than just strength and speed training.

I can’t emphasize enough how important lower body strength, power, and speed training is for hockey. This has to be done correctly and you need to have a specific plan each day that builds on the next. Each week that builds on the next. Each month that builds on the next. And each YEAR that builds on the next.

But, once you have that plan in place, you are just getting started. That is not enough. You need to eat and breathe hockey. You need to educated yourself and the workouts are not just for your body, they are for your mind.

Your average player may shoot a couple hundred pucks, spend a few minutes stickhandling, and then they are done.

We teach you how to have an INSANE focus on skills, mechanics, and techniques that will not only teach you to become one of the best stickhandlers and shooters at your age level, but also how you can use that to make more plays and score more goals.

This is what coaches are looking for! The mindless skill training will not cut it anymore.

Once you have the skill training down, then we get into the mental side of hockey. Your workouts will start to include positional situations and assignments. Mental training. THESE are the areas where you will start to separate yourself. You will start to improve at a faster rate and become more well rounded than other players.

This is how you excel. This is how you become an elite hockey player.

When you apply for this 7-day challenge you are opening the window to entirely new mindset on hockey training. You will start to understand how to train like a professional, and why the top players in the world are there for a reason.

They have earned it.

Enough is enough, APPLY NOW and take your game to another level.

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