How to Stop Bad Shooting Habits

Updated: August 14, 2014





Zack with 247 hockey. And we are talking about training your shot and training your goal scoring ability off the ice. One of the most important elements of this, is allows you to focus on proper technique.

Now we talk about proper technique, we are talking about taking yourself out of that game situation when you are focused on result. For example the result in the game or the result in the practices you are trying to score goal we are trying to get a good quality shot on net.

You are not focused on what your hands are doing, what your feet are doing You are focused on that end results so its going to allow you unfortunately to really create bad habits. Because you are going to do whatever it takes to get that good end result even if that means making mistakes in having bad habits.

So what we are going to do now when you are training off the ice is that you are going to allow you to really break those skills down focus on the And really ingrain those into your muscle memory ingrain those proper mechanics in your muscle memory. So when you get on the ice, you do not have to think about it those good mechanics are just going to carry over.

And that is the difference between training and just making small improvements or training in making massive improvements is really focusing on the mechanics, on the technique and ingraining those into your muscle memory. And that is how you transition over intake skills that you are practicing off the ice bring them on the ice and start scoring more goals.

How to Stop Bad Shooting Habits

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