Quick Release is EVERYTHING! (Serious Hockey Players Pay Attention)

Updated: October 1, 2014





It is Zack with 24/7 hockey and we are talking about the difference between quickness and you shot release and accuracy of your shot and the balance between those two.

It is a very important balance, because a lot of players want to have a very accurate shot they want to pick the corners but they sacrifice the quickness of their release, vice versa, you can have a very quick release shot and never hit the net or shoot at five feet high or have it going roll into the net.

So there is a balance between accuracy and the quickness of your release, not only that but how hard is your shot and the power. I am a believer from what I have seen players at a high level do that you have to have a quick release, you have to work on your release quickness and that is going to be the most important element of been able to get shots to the net, not get your shot blocked, shoot through screens, catch goalies off guard and more importantly score more goals. At the same time, you constantly want to be working on that accuracy.

As you are working on the speed of your release and really taking hard quick shots, you always have to be focusing on that accuracy and accuracy is something that you just want to continue to improve overtime. But do not sacrifice the release quickness for accuracy, do not take four, five seconds, pull the puck back, take your time, pick your target and then shoot just to have a good accurate shot. Because in a game that shots going to get block, that puck is going to get poke checked, that goalie is going to be ready and you are not going to score goals.

So it does not matter how accurate you shot is, if you do not score goals. Focus on quick release, let’s build power and accuracy overtime and that will improve from improving our mechanics and improving our technique.

Quick Release is EVERYTHING!  (Serious Hockey Players Pay Attention)

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