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Updated: August 26, 2014





If you want to reach the highest levels of the game, if you’re a hockey player that wants to really get to that next level and then go to that next level after that and be reaching the top levels of junior college pro.

You need to understand that you need to train your mind because you’re going to have several obstacles that you’re going to face at every step of the way. And if your mind is telling you to quit and you can’t push through that then you’re never going to be able to make it to that next level as a player. You have to understand when you’re training and you’re looking at improving getting better as a hockey player, your mind is going to tell you to quit before your body does.

It’s your mind that is telling you that you can’t do one more rap, one more exercise, you have to quit early, you have to go home. If you work on training your mind and you are constantly improving in pushing that threshold of what you are capable of. As you’re facing these obstacles you are going to be constantly able to push a little bit further, get a little bit further, do a little bit more weight, do a little bit better exercise, have a little bit better technique, stay a little bit longer and train a little bit harder. And that’s just going to help you get that advantage and get that edge over your competition.

So when it comes time to reach those highest levels you have not only the mental advantage and the mental edge but you also now have the physical edge as well because you were able to push yourself just that much harder. And when it comes to those high levels there are players that have similar skill levels, similar tools and what’s the difference maker? The difference-makers is the mental discipline and mental toughness that one player has over another player.

Because they’re making those decisions on the ice and that discipline and that toughness is what’s going to help them make those proper decisions and its all the training that they’ve done off the ice and train their mind to improve the discipline and the toughness of their mind when it comes to on nice game situations. The on ice practice situations.

Who’s going to shine during those conditioning drills. Who’s going to shine in the third period or overtime when their mind is telling there body to quit. And they’ve trained for years and years and how to overcome that and continue to push through it. Because your mind will tell your body to quit before your body is ready, you still have something left. So work on training your mind to become a better hockey player.

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Learn to Train Your Mind - Elite Hockey Training

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