Off-Ice Hockey Training to Build Speed: Multi-Direction Sprints – Forward

Updated: October 9, 2014





Here we have the T drill agility series. So we are going to be going through a series of drills, using this cone set up which is the T drill cone set up alright. Again these are great drills for work on your multi-directional speed, agility, quickness, explosiveness, changing directions coordination, all those crucial, when it comes to training for hockey in working on that quickness that agility when it comes to on ice in all these drills transfer very well on the ice.

So going through these drills making sure you are doing the right sequence of exercise and really paying attention. What you should be doing working on your coordination, the setup here is we are going to have three obstacles, they can be cones, pucks, anything, line it up straight across each one is going to have five yards or five meters in between. So straight across outside one then you have the middle one with five yards or meters in between another outside one, five yards or meters in between.

And then we have the last obstacle which is straight back from the middle; exactly going to be ten yards or ten meters in between. So we have ten, five and five which is the set up there. The first one that we are going to do, you are going to be starting at always starting at this bottom, the bottom obstacle. And we are going to go sprint to a shuffle across and then a backpedal back.

So here we are sprinting up, to the cone here, we are going to shuffle over, shuffle back over, shuffle back to the middle and then backpedaling back down, so sprint, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, backpedal, coming all the way back and then come all the way through this cone here. We are staying in front of the cones here, so you are not going up past the cones, your staying front of the cones so you can see them in each direction and then were coming back. Next one day you are going to go through and do is sprint, crossover, and then cross over all the way back through, crossover back to the middle and then backpedal back through, again our hips are down, our eyes are forward, and our toes are forward. We are not angling this direction when you’re crossing over; you want your toes and your hips facing forward, each time that you are going through.

Our second drill is a sprint up to the top cone, a crossover out, the outside, crossing over all the way cross, crossing over back to the middle and then a backpedal back again. In demonstration, we are going to go about half speed before you, when you do this, you are going full speed. The next one that you are going to do, the third one is going to be sprinting all the way through each time. We are going to go here; this is going to be a little bit different because you are going to go outside of the cone.

You are going to come up, sprint up, come to the right of this cone here, around back through like a figure eight, sprint and here you going to go sprint all the way around and then back down. We are coming up on the right side, sprint through the middle, around, sprint to the middle, come all the way around here and then were sprinting back down. So we are going sprint through every single time.

The last one is going to be a sprint up in front of the cone and then you are going to backpedal, so you are opening up those hips and you are back pedaling, again great for game situation, when you are going forward in one direction and you have to open up those hips they move to backwards quickly, both forwards and defense men have to do that and work on that movement. As you get to this cone here, your sprinting all the way forward, so you are sprinting up to this cone and then we are going to backpedal again.

Now when you see this cone out of your peripheral vision, you are going to open up those hips and you are going to sprint all the way through. So we have a sprint, backpedal, sprint, backpedal, sprint down. That is the fourth and final one. So this is our T drill agility series, these are great drills for working on that quickness agility, coordination and again a lot of these transferred directly into hockey and hockey specific movements, so they are great for working on not only your quickness and agility but also directly co-relating that to improve your quickness and agility on the ice.

Off-Ice Hockey Training to Build Speed: Multi-Direction Sprints - Forward

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