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Here we have our horizontal movement sprint series and our side movement sprint series.

So, we are going to be doing horizontal movement into a full-out sprint. So it is really good here because in hockey a lot of times we are going multi direction. We’re changing direction so now we’re going horizontal to linear sprint now what I want to work on here again we’re keeping our butt down we are going to specific mechanics, focusing on each drill, going full speed and then also focusing on your deceleration.

So after you go through your sprint it is going to be 15 meters or 15-yard to sprint portion of the course and then as soon as that is over I want you to be able to decelerate in 5 day yard and you are not just running through being loose.

When you get through your finish point you are going to start to decelerate immediately and try to come to a complete stop within are five-day yards. So, you are not slamming on the brakes completely but you are going to decelerate quickly and you not just going to be loose running through. So now real quickly here I’ll just take you through the course.

This is going to be your starting position on this side and then you will obviously rotate sides too so if you do the drills on one side you are going to be doing the drills from the other side. But here we are going to have these cones about 5 yards or five meters apart. So the drills are going to be moving in this direction here. And we are going to be doing different types of movements throughout these two cones and this is going to be our sprint area.

So here we are going to be about 15 yards or 15 meters apart. So, you want to just basically make a really long L. So, when you set that up you can use anything, you can use tires, you can use cones, you can use whatever to set that up but that’s what the course is going to look like for this sequence of drills. Here we are going from a shuffle into a sprint. So, you can start at the outside cone you are going to be shuffling across.

When you to this cone we are going to turn open up, push it and then sprint through. So, just to demonstrate here real quickly, seats down, heads up, back out. And you are just going to cross shuffle shuffle, shuffle, turn. Now we are going crossover shuffle. So we’re crossing over with that outside leg each time, we get to the cone here, we are returning to the inside and then we’re going on a sprint. So, you just going to have the butt down.

Now we’re going backwards sprint into a forward sprint turned towards inside. So we are here backwards, seats down, moving backwards you start to see that cone out of your peripheral vision. I don’t want you looking for it. Now we turn in and going on our sprint. To demonstrate here quick. Now we’re going to forwards across into a forwards sprint.

So you’re going to go from the inside to the outside of that cone. And I will demonstrate here quick just going slow, so we are turning forwards. So, now we are coming to the outside of this cone here and then we are coming down for a full sprint. So, starting behind and then going outside. So you are here, turn, turn. Now we’re going to do each one of these into a backward sprint. So, the first one is a shuffle. Okay so shuffle shuffle shuffle, get to that cone and then sprint backwards. Just to demonstrate quick. Now we have a crossover across into a backward sprint. So we are just going to crossover crossover, crossover into a backward sprint.

Now we are going forwards into a backwards sprint. So, we are going to go forward sprint. On the outside of this cone then we are going to open up backwards for our sprint backwards down. So, you are starting here and you are going to go forward, sprint, open up backwards.

Here we are going backwards across to a backward sprint. Using our peripheral vision to find that cone. So, we are going on the inside of the cone. So we are going to start here coming on the inside, backwards where we see it, cut, backwards down.

So, now after you’ve gone through every sequence of drills on one side we are going to switch the course around and go through each one the other direction.

Core Exercise for Hockey Players

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