Deke of the Week – Fake Shot Toe Pull Move

Updated: August 11, 2014





Here we’re going to work on a toe pull with a quick head faking and a fake shot.

Then, toe pulling it back and extending out, just like we are doing. A quick head fake to get a defender to freeze, to get first in front of us to freeze and then we are toe pulling it around them. So all we are going to do is stickhandling here, head fake, dropping the hands, toe pull and extend out.

We can extend out to one hand or we can extend out to the two of them. Toe fake, toe pull, back. Fake, out, out. Fake, toe pull, out. Now what you are doing here is as you get more comfortable you can speed it up. Quick extension there and we’re just continuing to work on that.

Fake with a toe pull and then extending it out in front. It’s a great drill, just working on again. Getting that person in front of you to freeze and then using that toe pull and extension to get out of any poke checks and then beat them on line.

Deke of the Week - Fake Shot Toe Pull Move

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