My name is Zac Headrick and I am the founder of 247 Hockey.

After growing up playing hockey, training religiously, moving on to Tier 1 Junior A, college, and then coaching in Tier 1 Junior A (USHL), I have been lucky enough to work with

I have spent thousands of hours over the last 10 years working on the following three things:

1) Scouting and Recruiting high school age hockey players for higher level Junior and college teams.

2) Working with elite level players on skill development and positional awareness to improve their game.

3) Break down game film for individual players and help them become more effective hockey players on the ice by understanding each situation and how to read plays and make smart decisions.

I was not the most talented player, but fortunately that forced me to be a student of the game and to outwork everyone I possibly could. I wish I had an opportunity earlier in my hockey career to learn from the high level coaches I was able to come across later in my career.

That is why I built this website, to give players the opportunity to receive advanced advice on training, workouts, game tactics, mental game, habits, goal setting, and anything else that can give them an edge and help them reach their goals.


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